A Guide to The Order of Funeral Services : Wales & UK

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If your loved one has passed away, you may find yourself planning a funeral and not knowing where to begin, not knowing what happens during the funeral may feel daunting and having an understanding of the order of service may help you prepare for the day ahead as best as you can.  This helpful guide […]

How To Personalise A Funeral For Your Loved One

Bereavement flowers

Do you want to personalise the funeral service of your loved one? Personalised funerals that celebrate the deceased’s life are becoming popular in this day and age, not just because it makes the service more memorable. It also serves as a heartfelt tribute that tells the story of the life that person has lived. If […]

Funeral Guide Aberdare

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Are you going through a difficult time processing a loved one’s loss? or is planning a a funeral becoming a heavy weight? We at Chris Davies Funeral Services Aberdare are more than willing to take the weight off of you by guiding you through the funeral process and helping you make the right decisions for […]