Funeral Arrangements

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Our Funeral arrangements are conducted by our professional funeral director and local funeral provider. We offer a variety of funeral arrangement alternatives and memorial service options, Continue reading for an insight to our funeral plan & arrangements.



Using our detailed knowledge of Church of England & Wales funerals, we’ll work with you and your Anglican Celebrant to personalise the service with music, readings, eulogies and Holy Communion as required.

Here at Chris Davies Funeral Services, we work with many churches and communities in the Cynon Valley. As well as advising on appropriate hymns, prayers, sermons and funeral readings, we can help you put together a eulogy, speech or visual tribute for you loved one that can shared during the service by family members, friends or your Celebrant.

If you’d like to include the taking of Holy Communion in the funeral service, simply let us know and we’ll be able to work with your Celebrant to arrange this for you, we can ensure that the burial is in accordance with your loved ones funeral wish & funeral flower arrangements & other funeral stationery are provided, whether or not you have a pre paid funeral plan.


Roman Catholic

Working extensively with Catholic Churches in the Cynon Valley and with vast experience in Roman Catholic funeral customs, including Requiem Masses, we’ll liaise with your Priest to ensure the most fitting service for your loved one’s wishes and the bereaved family & mourners.

Mass as you ask the Lord to join your loved one with the Death of Christ so that they might also share his Resurrection. We can advise on whether the Requiem Mass or Service only is more suitable for your family, along with providing suggestions for appropriate hymns, prayers and eulogies (Entrance, Offertory, Holy Communion & Recessional) in accordance with sacred scriptures.

As the local funeral director we can provide expert option on casket/ coffin type, burial ground and how immediate family can be involved in the funeral service.


Methodist & Baptist

Taking time to understand the role of God in the life of the deceased person, and in your family, we’ll work with your Pastor or Minister to create an order of service with hymns and scripture that are of personal significance.

Here at Chris Davies Funeral Services we know from experience that every Methodist and Baptist Church here in the Cynon Valley is independent and has different ways of conducting a funeral, understanding the role of God in the life of your loved one, and the meaning to your family, will help us to determine the style and delivery of the service. We understand that your loved ones funeral will represent their life, and you require the best funeral service, funeral flowers & burial or cremation, we can suggest local areas for your family member including the Aberdare crematorium.

Whether you’d like a sombre and reflective ceremony that gives the family the opportunity to express grief and affirm faith or you’d prefer a more joyous occasion that celebrates your loved one’s life and their afterlife with God as their soul is reunited – we’ll work with you and your Pastor or Minister to arrange a service featuring Christian hymns and scripture readings that are of personal significance to your loved one and your family


Civil Celebrant & Humanist Funerals

Funerals have become increasingly personalised over the last five years with the rise in popularity of humanist and civil ceremonies, within these funeral plans your loved one does not need a religious leader to be honoured.

More often than not, a civil or humanist ceremony is held offering families the opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one exactly as they wish to. This flexibility is the deciding factor for many people that don’t have strong religious ties, or are seeking a non-religious ceremony. Funeral celebrant is a formal term denoting members of a group of non-clergy professionals who are committed to preparing and delivering high quality funeral ceremonies, which are not closely linked to any religion or to belief in an after-life. The independent funeral can be provided with guidance from your local funeral home and a member of the dedicated team can discuss the funeral choice & memorial with the family.

Whether your loved one’s funeral relies on a cemetery burial, direct cremation or woodland burials. We can help with the floral arrangements & discussing funeral expenses and managing funeral cost.