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Are you going through a difficult time processing a loved one’s loss? or is planning a a funeral becoming a heavy weight? We at Chris Davies Funeral Services Aberdare are more than willing to take the weight off of you by guiding you through the funeral process and helping you make the right decisions for your loved ones? We can explain all funeral options, arrangements and details for you to have a clearer understanding.

We’ll talk about different funeral options for your loved ones and give you an insight regarding the funeral arrangements and venues around Aberdare and neighbouring towns and cities. This can help you decide what funeral option to choose, have an overview of the estimated cost and gain ideas on honouring your loved ones.

Funeral Options For Your Loved One

There are two funeral options that you could choose from for your loved one:

Cremation Without Ceremony
If for some reasons, you’d prefer to directly cremate your loved one’s body without having a funeral service, this one’s for you.
Inclusions: To take the weight off of you during such a difficult time, we’d be happy to organise a doctor to complete the required paperwork and get your loved one from the hospital, prepare them and care for them until the funeral day. We can also do the job of bringing them to the crematorium with a funeral vehicle and give the ashes to you upon your request. There’s no need for you to worry about the cremation and doctor’s fee because we’ll get it covered.
Cost: You can avail of this service for £1295.00.

Traditional Funeral Service
If you’d opt for a traditional funeral service, we can tailor the funeral based on your requirements and adjust the price accordingly. We can help you personalise it and add or remove elements according to your beliefs and wishes.
Inclusions: We’d be honoured to put your loved one under our care and do our best to get him/her from the place of death even if the death occurred out ot regular working hours with no extra cost. We’ll also prepare and dress and embalmed and bring your loved one in our funeral home. We’ll also complete the necessary paperwork and liaise with third parties like a crematorium, minister or celebrant. Transporting you loved one “in cortege” from the funeral home to crematorium or cemetery is also on us. Additionally, the coffin that will be used is also included in the service package.

Cost: This funeral option typically costs you £1560.00 or higher depending on some third party cost.

Funeral Arrangements

We work with different churches in Aberdare and have extensive knowledge about how funeral service is delivered based on their beliefs and religious standing. These are some churches that we’ve worked within the past:
We can help you personalise the music, funeral readings, and sermons and guide you in creating a eulogy, speech or special tribute to honour your loved one. And if necessary, we can also work with Anglican celebrants who want to include the taking of Holy communion in the funeral service. Whether you’re planning to hold the funeral service at St. Fagans Church, St. John the Baptist or any other Anglican church around Aberdare, we are willing to help you out.

Roman Catholic
We have worked with many Catholic churches in Aberdare and well aware of different funeral customs, including the Requiem Masses or a simple service. Whatever arrangement is more suitable for you, we’ll make sure to work on it with the Priest in any Catholic church near you. We’d also be happy to give suggestions about the suitable hymns, prayers, and eulogies in line with the sacred scriptures.

Methodist & Baptist
Methodist and Baptist churches have different ways of conducting a funeral. Some may prefer a solemn ceremony, while others prefer a more joyous occasion that celebrates their loved ones’ lives. Whatever style of an order of service you choose, we’re ready to work with Pastors or Ministers in arranging the funeral service for you and your family.

Civil Celebrant & Humanist Funerals
If you would prefer a non-religious ceremony for your deceased loved one, a civil or humanist funeral may be the best choice for you. This type of funeral is more focused on celebrating your loved one’s life and can be done at your home or any suitable venue in Aberdare.

At Chris Davies, we respect every person’s religious affiliations and beliefs, and we are ready to tailor our services to your needs. We also strive to help civil celebrants carry out the funeral service in a meaningful manner.

Funeral Venues In and Around Aberdare, Hirwaun and Penderyn

Since a funeral service can be held almost anywhere, you have many options to choose from in places around Aberdare. Depending on the religious ties of the deceased one or the family, it can be held in holy churches around Aberdare such as the Bryn Sion Baptist Church, St. John the Baptist Anglican Church, Trinity English Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, or the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. Memorial services can also be conducted at Aberdare Memorial Park, Cynon Valley Memorial Garden or Aberdare Cemetery.

Ceremony halls in crematoriums around Aberdare can also be a venue for a funeral, and since this type of hall is non-denominational, it can accommodate different people. It can also be convenient for the grieving family to hold the memorial service at a funeral home like ours whether you prefer a non-religious ceremony or not.

Floral Arrangements We Provide
Flower arrangements are a visual expression of love and grief. It’s also a great way to offer a touching tribute or pay respect to the deceased loved one and show sympathy with other family members. We always want to provide the most beautiful and ideal floral displays according to your wishes and requests.

You can choose from a wide range of flowers to choose from our local florists, and our options include traditional bouquets, caskets sprays and sheaves, wreaths, hearts and cushions. We also provide sympathy flowers designed to send heartfelt wishes to others who also lost loved ones and tribute flowers like a photo frame, DAD, MUM, double heart, anchor, butterfly or open book tribute.

All flowers are fresh and seasonal, hand-crafted and designed bespoke by a team of expert florists at Flowers by Joy, beautifully-wrapped with environment-friendly packaging.

So whether you want to show sympathy for others loss or pay honour to your loved ones, we can handpick the arrangements for you for your convenience. But if you’re going to choose the botanical display by yourself, you can also visit their shop at 29 Victoria Square, Aberdare.

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